To inspire and develop young men as basketball players, students and,

MOST importantly, excellent members of family and community.


  • Humility

  • Excellence

  • Attitude

  • Responsibility

  • Team


“COMMITMENT to hard work is the price players must pay to be

part of a strong, intentional TEAM culture. EXCELLENCE requires it,

TOUGHNESS is what allows it.”



Head Coach - coachtschrec@yahoo.com

Coach Schrec is entering his second season as the Head Coach for Gator Basketball.  He played and graduated from Standley Lake HS in 1998.  After graduation, Coach Schrec received an appointment to the U.S. Air Force Academy and played two seasons on the AFA Basketball practice team.  Upon graduating from USAFA with a degree in Human Factors Engineering, he was commissioned as an Officer in the Air Force and married his wife, Amy. 


During his time on active duty, Coach Schrec served as an Airfield Operations Officer.  Additionally, he deployed to Balad Air Base, Iraq in 2005 to serve in Operation Iraqi Freedom.  He still serves as a Major in the Air Force Reserves working with High School students as an Air Force Academy Liaison Officer.


During his active duty Air Force career, Coach Schrec played semi-professionally with the Tyndall AFB Basketball Team and Edwards AFB Basketball Team.  Additionally, it was in the Air Force where he got his first taste of coaching as he coached three years as the Assistant Varsity Coach at Desert HS in California.  Upon Coach Schrec’s move home to Colorado he began coaching at SLHS from 2007-2013.  A move to Wisconsin took him away from Gator Basketball. 


Coach Schrec enjoys his full-time job of serving individuals and families as a Financial Representative with Thrivent.  He absolutely loves spending time with Amy and their 3 children and is grateful for his family’s involvement with Gator Basketball.  As the first Alumni Varsity Coach in school history, Coach Schrec bleeds Blue and Green and enjoys serving the many Gator Basketball players and SLHS community. 


Assistant Coach - hernandez.j.jason@gmail.com

Coach Jason “Nando” Hernandez is entering his first season at Standley Lake.  Coach Nando played his high school football, basketball, and baseball at nearby Arvada High School.  Following high school, he served in the United States Air Force at Whiteman AFB.  While at Whiteman AFB, he played and coached multiple years of basketball and helped organize youth basketball camps for local athletes.  Following the end of his enlistment as a decorated Staff Sergeant, he and his family returned home to Colorado.  

Coach Nando graduated summa cum laude from Regis University with a bachelor’s degree in Homeland Security.  He loves spending time with his wife and three sons.  He received his first opportunity to coach in the Gator Feeder program for the 7th and 8th grade levels.  Since then he has followed his passion for coaching and working with young adults. He strives to lead by way of example through hard work, commitment, and dedication for those he encounters to become successful adults.


Assistant Coach - pyle13@comcast.net

Biography coming soon.




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